Tuesday, 26 April 2011

First Post.

Minecraft, opinions?

Personally i have lost many days of my life devoted to this horribly addicting game, but if we look at it to the side, away from all the hype, is the core game actually good? 
Personally i'm going to say yes, but i'm sure there are many that will completely disagree with me.
Reasons why i think yes.
-Sense of accomplishment looking at what you've built.
-great outlet for artists
-constant updates.
-great price.
But there are also many reason why it's not to be admired.
- poor graphics
-very resource hungry for what it is
-still in beta (it's been nearly a year? and with the amount of people that have it, surely it can be released.)
Looking past it's fault it is actually a good, fun game for the price.
I commend thee Notch and the team at Mojang on a fantastic Indie game.


  1. yea i dont understand why its still in beta, they have sold over 2million copies now

  2. grats on first post man. goodluck with it and stick to it

  3. Why is this game so fun? lol, good luck on your new blog.

  4. Hah, I think I figured it out. Minecraft is not FUN. It's just crazy addictive. We are forced to dig out 1200 pieces of sand to make our sandstone so that we can build a giant pyramid in which to house our chest full of diamond.

    It's not our fault. God damn you Notch.